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It sounds so simple because we do it all the time.
However, it is the deep belly breathing that fills up the diaphragm that is the most beneficial.

Your Breath = Your Peace of Mind

Make Time to Breathe.

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We often find ourselves taking a deep breath only at the end of a stressful situation or at the end of the day. Most of us don't realize that taking deep, conscious breaths throughout the day is a guaranteed, no-calorie way to relieve stress throughout the day.

Breathe with Holistic Counseling Services

Try it for a day, a week, a month, a year... Make conscious breathing a habit!

Create gaps in your stream of thought; eliminating repetitive, uninspired thinking that is devoid of any creative sparks. Increase the connection between your mind and body by exercising breathing consciously during meditation. Feel your heart rate slow. Feel your pulse slow. Allow your mind to gradually release its hold on you. Feel the creative gaps begin to reveal themselves. Discover inner peace through conscious breathing!

Allow your attention to shift from your breath to that aliveness within you, feeling it diffuse throughout your body. Some experience this as a tingling sensation; others may feel heat or cold. Start by taking two or three conscious breaths; allowing yourself to detect a subtle sense of the liveliness within you. Briefly, sense specific parts of your body, feel your hands... your arms... your feet and legs. Do you feel your abdomen, your chest, your neck and head? Deep, conscious breathing is the quickest stress reliever that money can't buy!

Pixie offers seminars to all business sizes: Meditation & the Power of Breath and Life on a Teeter-Totter. What better way to keep your Employees, Sales Force and Managers healthy than to offer them tools for their own Well-Being and Relaxation. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce.

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