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Chakra –(Sanskrit) vortex of energy; "Wheel of Light"

Gateway to Our Consciousness


Gain knowledge about Chakras and how to balance them with Holistic Counseling Services

Represent the Vortexes of Energy Centers that spin at great speeds throughout the Etheric Body. Through them, a person's Intuition, Spirit and Soul become receptive to Universal Energies. To awaken your Chakras is to heighten and intensify Spiritual Awareness, Improve Relationships, and Enhance your Confidence Level. A healthy Chakra is a flexible Chakra.

There are seven Chakra systems in the human body; beginning with the Root Chakra which is below the base of the spine and ending above the head with the Crown Chakra. Each is represented by a variation of the Petaled Lotus and a color of the rainbow. Each has its own element as well as its own areas of influence.

Shock, trauma, high stress levels, drug over-use, alcohol or tobacco, etc. can cause a blockage or inflexibility; allowing for disease, affecting our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health. However, since each Chakra is associated with a particular color in the spectrum, the application of color visualization promotes restoration of Chakras to their natural balance. Knowledge, Exercise, Breathing Techniques, and Creative Processes are other ways to balance your Chakras and improve your life.

Though they are but one component of Vibrational Healing, healthy Chakras allow us to flourish in the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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