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Holistic –Relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems
Holistic Counseling –Treatment of the whole person, not just the symptoms of a disease or condition

What Clients Are Saying!


Life is a beautiful thing, to be appreciated and enjoyed. Occasionally, though, things happen. Maybe it’s a problem with finances, career, family matters or health issues. Or perhaps it’s one of the transition periods we all encounter throughout our life journey.

Pixie Larizza has helped me immeasurably at several of my bumps in the road. Her knowledge, skills and personal empathy blend into the warmth of her holistic approach to helping people reach their comfortable resolutions. I know Pixie to be a truly kind and understanding person. Her personal signature of “In Peace & Partnership” illustrates her perspective. I offer Pixie only my highest recommendation and personal thanks.

Elaine A.


During my time with Pixie, I have learned to breathe, prioritize the important things in my life and to truly provide self-care instead of always caring for others first... I am grateful for the time and patience she has and her continued support! :)

Camille G.


My sessions with Pixie over the past 7 years have taken me on a journey which has brought so many changes in my life. She has enabled me to not only to find peace and contentment but to like who I am. Her counseling is intuitive, strengthening, and so caring.
I am blessed to be able to spend time with her.

Lynda O.


I've found that working with Pixie has helped me identify the blocks that dampen my self-esteem. Through meditation, energy work and our conversations, I am learning to create a more positive attitude toward myself. My self-esteem is growing daily and I am remembering to breathe!

Joan W.

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