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"Many people can tell something about another person's energy, how they are feeling despite what they say.
It's a matter of trusting our intuition and paying attention to the subtle details of what people aren't saying that's key."

Pixie Larizza...

Meditate with Holistic Counseling Services

is a Holistic Counselor, Certified Color Therapist and Artist with more than twenty years of experience in Holistic Health & Wellness.

During her career as a Massage Therapist , Pixie learned to work with clients from the outside in. Working through muscle and bone, Pixie developed a sensitivity to the energy of her clients. Now, working from the inside-out, she helps clients discover their Power from Within.


I look forward to earning your trust and to delivering the best services in the Holistic Health Industry. You can also join me for classes at University of North Florida's LEARN Jacksonville Program, which are offered quarterly.

In Peace & Partnership,
Pixie Larizza

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